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Heartbreak City by Apex Manor: Album Review

I have to thank fellow Rockin' The Suburbs listener Scott Parks for alerting me to this wonderful album that would otherwise have passed me by.  Described as a mix of Dinosaur Jr. and The Cure, and it certainly draws very strongly on the work of J Mascis. The other band most strongly called to my mind is The National. It is a somewhat schizophrenic album, after the ferociously rocking first two tracks of "Asked & Answered ", and "Where My Mind Goes", the National influence is strong in the catchy "The Long Goodbye" before jumping to the beautiful and moody "Diamond In The Dark".  My first listen to this had me consistently smiling. So many good tracks that tick all the boxes for me. The Fleetwood Mac-esque "Sara Now", the might as well be "High Violet" outtake "Nervous Wreck", and the track the best encapsulates the duality of the sound of Apex Manor, "VCR".  Basically you could drop the

Atonement by Killswitch Engage - Album Review

The 9th album from Massachusetts metal maestros, Killswitch Engage, and the 3rd since the return of original vocalist Jesse Leach, is a high octane riff-fest of powerful metal and positivity. Leach switches effortlessly between his melodic and screamo voices whilst continuing to address the issues around mental health that form much of the subject matter on this album. The riffs are catchy, it is packed with melodic hooks and the drumming of Justin Foley is outstanding. On early standout track, "The Signal Fire" the furious drum work had me expecting to see smoke pouring from my headphones! Easily the best metal album I've heard this year, with many highlights including the aforementioned "The Signal Fire", which also features former front man Howard Jones on vocals, and the stellar "I Am Broken Too" which is short punchy and effective. "The Crownless King" goes old school thrash and sounds like a great lost Metallica song. "T