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October New Music - Rockin' The Suburbs

Be sure to listen to the latest episode, 736, of Rockin' The Suburbs podcast to hear me talk about some of the new songs I enjoyed in October. You can listen here or via your usual podcast provider.

The songs I talk about, along with a little cricket, NFL & rugby are:

"Run Away" by Lightning Dust
"In Good Faith" by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
"Hard Times" by Whyte Horses featuring John Grant
"Favourite Boy" by Half Moon Run
"In The Air Tonight" by Lucy Dacus
Be sure to listen every day...........

Kiwanuka by Michael Kiwanuka - Album Review

Recommended to me by fellow Rockin' The Suburbs podcast fan, Mike Wagner, I decided to check out the third album by the singer and guitarist from North London. I was aware of his name, but hadn't listened to any of his music, being wary of the hype perhaps. Time to rectify this oversight.

Kiwanuka is clear a very talented man, and this album displays considerable ambition to go with excellent musicianship on display. Played to you blind and with no information about it you would say it had been recorded in the 1970s. Sonically it sounds amazing with a sound collage style, reminiscent of "what's going on", that gives it a soundtrack type feel. Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield are the first names that come to mind, and they are clearly giants of music. 
The praise for this album is in the "album of the year" category, so hopes were set that it might meet the towering heights of those illustrious forebears, but it is too inconsistent for my tastes. Too many o…

Colorado by Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Album Review

Neil Young is nothing if not prolific. This new release with long time sidekicks Crazy Horse is his 39th studio album. If archive releases, live albums, compilations and soundtracks are included then it is his 66th! Unfortunately a lot of that recent content, "The Monsanto Years" et al, has been less than stellar. The absence of long time producer and BS caller David Briggs, (who died in 1995), had been sorely felt by this listener in recent years. 

Happily though I can report that this is easily his most satisfying album since 2012's "Psychedelic Pill", significantly also his last studio work with the Horse. Whilst recent collaborators Promise Of The Real are undoubtedly better musicians, (Nils Lofgren excepted of course), and have been an excellent live foil for Neil, they have yet to bring the best out of him in the studio. Perhaps they have too much respect for "Uncle" Neil, whereas the limitations of Crazy Horse bring a little more focus to the jo…