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New Music - July

It is time for new music that I enjoyed in July. Be sure to listen and subscribe to the Rockin' The Suburbs podcast via your usual podcast supplier, or here on their website.

Along with reviewing shows by Jenny Lewis and Teenage Fanclub, I talk about the following songs in episode 672:

"Margaritas At The Mall" by Purple Mountains, (Rest In Power, David Berman)
"I Am Broken Too" by Killswitch Engage
"The Velvet Fog" by The Soft Cavalry
"I Miss You" by Josh Rouse
"Wolf" by LION

Blinded By The Light - Film Review

"Three chords and the truth" - Harlan Howard

The oft misquoted description of rock and roll, (it was actually used to describe country music), seems extremely appropriate for the music of Bruce Springsteen and the way in which it is used in the new film by Gurinder Chadha. Less the three chords, but more for the way in which the life of main character Javed has his life changed by listening to the truths that Springsteen puts to music. 
"What does Bruce Springsteen know about the life of an Asian boy from Luton?" asks Javed upon being hand a couple of cassettes by new school friend Roops. 

Well quite a lot it turns out, mainly because his music has always been for the strivers and dreamers. 

You don't need to be a Springsteen fan, or from Luton, or of Asian descent to enjoy this film. In fact you have to be pretty hard of heart not to be swept along by the pure joy that permeates much of this film. 

Whilst I don't share the assessment of my wife, as detailed in …

Teenage Fanclub - at Kelvingrove Summer Nights Live Review

For my fifteenth time seeings Bellshill's finest live, a different venue. The restored Victorian bandstand in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. Given that any outdoor event in the West of Scotland is at risk of rain, it was unsurprising that the heavens opened as the support act, (one Nile Marr, son of Johnny, who was pretty good) and it was proper rods bouncing off the floor. Fortunately it dried up for when the Fannies took to the stage. Starting off with "I Can't Find My Home" from "Howdy!" before a welcome deep cut in early single "God Knows It's True", it was quite sedate for the first seven songs, the crowd all being pretty wet no doubt contributing to that. However once they launched into "Alcoholiday" the crowd surged forward and from then until the end it was business as usual for Teenage Fanclub in Glasgow; that being bouncing. We got a few new songs including the pretty decent new single "Everything Is Falling Apart", but…