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Jenny Lewis At The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh: Live Review

Never having seen Jenny Lewis before, but being a big fan of her most recent album, "On The Line", (full review here), I was looking forward to this gig. It was also a rare opportunity for my wife and I to enjoy a live music show together.
A quick note on the venue, which is an old church with the pews still in situ around the back, sides and upstairs with free standing in the main area. An unusual but atmospheric venue, although the 'stage' area is barely higher than the main floor which would have reduced visibility for some further back. Not a problem for us though as we arrived early and got a spot with only 3 people between us and the barrier.
Coming out and looking fabulous in a full length sparkling gold dress Jenny launched straight into the opening track from "On The Line" , "Heads Gonna Roll". 
She has a quirky charisma that clearly didn't have to do too much to win over an enthusiastic crowd that was ready to party. Switching between…

June New Music

It's that time again as I pick out the new songs that have stood out for me in the previous month. 

Check out episode 647 of Rockin' The Suburbs podcast, (either here or via your usual podcast provider), to hear me wax lyrical about the following:

"Wouldn't You Rather" by Alter Bridge
"Last Day Under The Sun" by Volbeat
"The Dead Don't Die" by Sturgill Simpson
"I Need A Teacher" by Hiss Golden Messenger
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Songs To Die To - Part 4

Continuing a series about songs death and dying. These are not necessarily songs that talk about the process of dying, rather as the title suggests, songs that I could imagine listening to on my death bed, or taking as consolation during or after a funeral. 

Morbid? I think not, as death is part of life. If we all talked about it a little more, maybe we'd cope with it better.

No 1: featuring "Land Of Hope & Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen here

No 2: featuring "Look On Down From The Bridge" by Mazzy Star here

No3: featuring "Gonna Be A Darkness" by The Jayhawks here

With that said here's my next choice.

No 4: Everything Flows - Teenage Fanclub

This song is here less for it's explicit subject matter rather than the way it makes me feel.
Certainly the lyrics, "I'll never know which way to flow, set a course that I don't know" talk about journeying, searching and convey an ambiguity that could apply to a passage beyond this life.

This so…

Between The Country by Ian Noe - Album Review

A recent discovery for me, and another contender for album of the year. Unlike some of the other music that has blown me away this year, there is nothing unexpected here. Simply songs that sound timeless, as if they were just lying around waiting to found in an old Appalachian wood shack. From pure folk country, via Jayhawks and Jason Isbell-style driving Americana to Johnny Cash inspired tales of pain and failure, the standard is high. No new boundaries are being breached but Noe has a superb voice for this style of music and as I've already mentioned the songs could be from any time in the last sixty years.

Starting with just voice and guitar on "Irene (Ravin' Bomb) we are left in no doubt as to the territory we are entering. 
"Barbara' Song" after starting with the actual sound of a train takes echoes of the Jayhawk's "Tailspin" into a bleak tale of tragedy.

The misery continues in the beautiful but sad "Junk Town" before the song tha…