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The E-Street Band versus The "Other Band"

My friend Terry Smith, whom I met through Jesse Jackson's excellent "Set Lusting Bruce" podcast, (check it out here or via your usual podcast provider), suggested I check out the newly released show form the Springsteen archives, the 25th July 1992 show from the Meadowlands in New Jersey.  As a hometown show, (although Bruce was living in California at the time), you would expect something extra and with a rare performance of "Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't do)" it certainly delivers, an excoriating version of "Living Proof" as well as one of the few full band versions of "Born In The USA" that I've thoroughly enjoyed. Context is all in that regard, coming as it does straight after "Souls Of The Departed"   "Man's Job" falls a little flat but "Roll Of The Dice" is a knockout. What struck me was just how much of one of his greatest songs, "Land Of Hope And Dreams", (more on that here

I Am Easy To Find by The National - Album Review

Accompanying a 26 minute film starring Alicia Vikander, for which edited parts of this album comprise the soundtrack, the new album from The National arrives with perhaps impossible expectations. After the run from "Boxer" through the transcendent heights of "High Violet" to the continued excellence of "Trouble Will Find Me" and "Sleep Well Beast" it has become normal to expect nothing but the best from the indie rock standard bearers.  Unfortunately, whilst there is much to enjoy here, it is a definite step down from those mentioned above. Perhaps, understandably, wanting to continue to stretch themselves this album suffers from the art project surrounding it. Not a strict soundtrack, but definitely less than a normal album, (whatever that is of course!), too many tracks meander into quickly forgotten homogeneity. Whilst these songs work better in shorter snippets accompanying the film, the album is released as that, an album and needs

April New Music - Rockin' The Suburbs

Just a quick note to say be sure to listen to the latest epsiode, (605), of the ever excellent Rockin' The Suburbs podcast. I feature talking about my new music choices for the month of April which include: "Redefined" by As I Lay Dying "Am I Doing It Right?" by Alex Lahey "Trombone" by Nick Lowe "Light Years" by The National and a cover of Tom Petty's "Don't Do Me Like That" by J Mascis Be sure to listen EVERY day!

Songs To Die To - Part 3

Continuing a series about songs death and dying.  These are not necessarily songs that talk about the process of dying, rather as the title suggests, songs that I could imagine listening to on my death bed, or taking as consolation during or after a funeral.  Morbid? I think not, as death is part of life. If we all talked about it a little more, maybe we'd cope with it better. No 1: featuring "Land Of Hope & Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen here No 2: featuring "Look On Down From The Bridge" by Mazzy Star here With that said here's my next choice. No 3: Gonna Be A Darkness - The Jayhawks From their superb collection of songs that main man Gary Louris wrote with other artists, (full review here ), comes this gem co-written with Jakob Dylan. I love the extended musical introduction, starting with the mandolin, building with the bass and piano.It sets a lovely relaxed groove that hints at the sadness to come. Louris and drummer Tim O'Rea